Hi everyone- Every morning, I love to start my day with some great coffee, be it an espresso that I pull at home or a double machiatto from my favorite coffee shop, Peet's. It's just such a great way to get going in the morning and my coffee, like many of you out there, has become my morning must have. Well, I guess I've made quite a habit of it as when I was down at Peet's in Mill Valley the other day, they asked me if I had any interest in visiting their roastery in Oakland to experience a 'cupping' and learn from their master roasters about what goes into their premium coffees. I took them up on the offer and I'll tell you, it was an amazing experience. Peet's is a local Northern California company that has come to define the premium coffee experience to a lot of people. We tasted a lot of different beans from all over the world at various stages of roasting to see how the flavors develop over the roasting period. The care that goes into selecting and sourcing the beans from the hundreds of small farms around the world to find those that meet the Peet's standard is really astounding. fotolia_3765953_m Cheers, Tyler

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